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report seeing the man in a green baseball cap and hooded shirt. harford county investigators arrested 40-year-old brian childress a week after he showed up at the carsins run sports field after trying to lure a boy into the field. he disappeared into that seam field when show called out to him. >> i think what this demonstrates is how easy it is for someone to take your child or lure your child away. here was an area where there was a large number of parents, an area where people had seen that individual. here was an area where the victim was with his parents under the careful eye of his parents. and just in a couple seconds she turned her head. looked back, and he was gone and in the company of this
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individual. >> the mother's details were instrumental in this capture. four days later childress was banned from dublin elementary school after he was spotted observing children there. he is now being held in the harford county detention center and a judge has held him there. a former track coach at archbishop high school was child with possessing child pornography. police found that brian funk had images on his cell phone. less shot and killed a man after they say he lunged at them with knife. when police arrived on the scene, they ordered him to drop his weapon. police say he didn't and made move towards the glass door. a police officer on the other
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side shot several times. the man died at the hospital. his family and neighbors are distraught at how this went down. >> i couldn't believe my ears. i could not believe what was going on, you know. i can't describe what kind of man he was. >> coming up at 6:00, you'll hear from people who were at scene of the shooting, his girlfriend's family as well as employs on why they needed to shoot the man. two female students were hurt in a chemistry lab. the building was evacuated. investigators say the women were treated for first degree burns and super fission cuts. the students apparently were handling nitrogen and sulfuric acid at the time. jury selection began today in the trial of a state lawmaker
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accused of using his influence to benefit a grocery store chain that hired him as a consultant. prosecutors say after senator ulysses currie became chairman he was asked to put on the the grocery store. a an anne arundel man is phages charges. we first told you about tommy clack when he was arrested this summer but joce sterman has more. >> reporter: we're talking about pat least three states, five companies and a handful of aliases all tied to tommy clack. victims say he is a smooth operator who overcharged him.
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tonight at 11:00, we're going state by state to break down the scam. the man aljedly behind it -- allegedly behind it all, tommy clack, targeted seniors. once the work is done, he bumps up the cost by thousands of dollars. >> proceeded to tell me he wanted $15,000. >> reporter: $15,000. >> of course my wife and i are looking at each other and knew we had been had. >> reporter: tonight at 11 we'll tell you what charges clack is facing. in the meantime, we're locking at other people who may have been victimmed. the maryland home improvement commission believe there are others out there f you --
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also in consumer news state health officials are looking into the safety of exrib -- crib pads. they are cushion that is line the crib and stop babies from hitting their head. the department of agriculture is recalling frozen ground beef because of a possible e coli contamination. it was produced by a company in amarillo, texas and shipped to six georgia school districts. so far, there have been no reports of illnesses. ground beef should be cooked to 160 degrees, high enough to kill off harmful bacteria. the postal service has a new plan to get people to buy more
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stamps it. will start fee which aring leafing legends it. can choose the top five honorees on the facebook or twitter pages and of course by mail. right now notable people have to be dead for at least five years before they can be immortalized. that is expected to change. let's talk about severe weather. multiple water spouts formed over lake michigan. meteorologists say the spouts are common this time because the water is warmer than the air. heavy rain made for rough travel around tam amount of roads looked like riferls-- rivers. several streets had to be shut down until the waters receded. more murky weather around here to kick off the week after having a tough time finding sunshine.
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now skies remaining cloudy. no rain on maryland's most powerful radar. temperatures hovering around 80 degrees. it will be a warm summer like evening. 70s, warm and muggy conditions. we'll talk about when we she lot of rain. >> thanks a lot, wyatt. you'll have a chance to sound off on how bge handled the aftermath of hurricane irene. tonight organizers have a protest about the proposed rate hike on fayette street but tomorrow bge will host a public hearing in towson. the meeting starts at 7:00 and another meeting scheduled for next month. >> the two american hikers held in iranian prison for two years arrived in the u.s. yesterday. they're not holding back how
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they felt they were treated. jamie costello. >> josh fattal and shane bauer spoke for the first time about their ordeal. they said they were often kept in sol dairy confinement, occasionally beaten and lied to, told that their families have lied to them. >> how can we forgive the iranian government when this continues to imprison some innocent people. >> they lifted water bottles for exercise. they were sentenced to eight years for spying after walking across the iraq and iranian
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bored. bauer will start planning a wedding with a fellow hiker who was released one year ago. well, known worldwide, the doctor wants to teach young people how learning cap be fun. and one woman keeps her hopes of finding a job afloat. we'll show you her unique job hunting. plus an early christmas gift for the unemployed.
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break braifnlgt a two alarm fire at a tire shop. one person has been injured.
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cheryl conner has more. i know there's a gas station near by what else can you tell us? >> reporter: there's a hess gas station. that's where you're seeing the intense fire and smoke. the smoke is so thick that it's actually covering the skyline. there's a lot of businesses in the area. you see standing outside watching what's going on. the fire was put out about an hour ago. the chief joins us now it. certainly looks like, kevin, other buildings are in jeopardy. tell us what's going on. >> just as you stated, just after 4:00 a very intense fire erupted in a brick warehouse ask seems to contain tires. we contained the fire to the building of origin. we have large hand lines.
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we have ladder parks. we initially evacuated our firefighters out of the structure because of the intensity. we are making progress. >> reporter: there was a partial building collapse. was there a wall in the back. >> as it weakened, the concrete rear call, it did collapse. >> reporter: one person has been injured at this point? >> one civilian did suffer second degree burns to his hands. we don't know how that occurred. we have fire investigators who will be in touch with him to find out what he was doing at the time he suffered those injuries. look at this. it's so intense, the flames. how are they blocking it? how are they making sure it's not spreading. >> to keep the fire from spreading we have fire
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apparatuses on each side. we have large diamond hose pumping out hundreds of gallons of water a moment. >> reporter: this has been elevated to a three alarm. >> we just went to a three-alarm fire. >> reporter: okay. certainly quite a seen. again, kelly, we are looking at the 4100 block of west belvidere avenue. you can see the smoke and flames intense. so many people standing out here to get a view. we will be out here to bring you updates. back to you. >> thank you. we'll check back with you shortly. thanks for the live report. closer to home we know dr. ben carson, the johns hopkins, pediatric neurosurgeon but he's actually known worldwide. now he is using it to encourage
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a level of reading in young students and their families. it's called carsons scholars program. dr. carson's reading room is making a huge difference. >> reporter: all is quiet in the dr. ben carson's room in parkville. students are taking time out of the classroom to meet new adventures. solomon matthews loves to read. for him it's a type of escape. >> it's a very inspiring place to read because of how he -- how ben carson came from the bottom of his class to the top of his class and just a very common place to read with no distractions oar moor dr. ben carson grew up in a single family home with poverty, poor
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grades and low self-esteem. he became a professor of neurology pediatrics at hd -- at johns hopkins hospital. >> his inspiration -- he is an inspiration to our students. they learned about them over the summer and they read gifted hands and became dr. ben carson exsperts. autoso. >> the program pays for the reading group. this reading room is just one more way to help students ac demly and for -- academically and for students like solomon,
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it encourages him to reach for the stars. >> it's very inspiration hall to keep -- inspirational to keep on reading. it's not like -- if you don't read you wouldn't accomplish but if you do read, you can do what you set our mind to. >> maybe help create another success story. in parkville, sherrie johnson. >> the ben carson foundation works with schools to provide special learning environments for students. reading rooms are also at well wood, nor wood elementary, jackson elementary and pyxville -- pikesville middle school. weather wise today things staying kind of gray, 79
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degrees. nice shot here though of the national aquarium and, you know, weather holding up fairly well through the day here, no rain but more muggy, unseasonably so and just a notable lack of sunshine yet again. summit ridge, a few peeks of sun in carroll county. damascus a couple sunny peeks late in the afternoon. we're dry. we should continue to be tonight into the early day and into tomorrow. as we go into tomorrow afternoon better chances for rain. that will be the next two afternoons. temperatures ranging in the upper 70s to low 80s. 82 in easton. humidity high, so feeling summer like despite the fact we are well into the summer season. showers to the west over ohio and michigan. offshore we got scattered rain
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showers. for the most part in our state cloudy skies. we're in a zone without a lot of rain. there are showers east and showers west. this swirl is a pope tents cut off -- potent cutoff area of pressure and not moving, not going to go anywhere. as long as it sit there is churning, it will pump up the flow. we don't think we break this pattern until we get into friday and saturday what he fresh shot of cold air will clear things out. our future trend for rain showing basically just estated showers in the afternoon and evening tomorrow. could see a couple thundershowers mixed. wednesday most of the activity will stay north of us but the possibility of rain. tropics still active.
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near the-- neither storm expected to hit the east coast. mostly cloudy, scattered showers and thundershowers will be possible lasting into the early part of tomorrow evening. staying muggy and unseasonly warm. a few showers friday. cooler hair will punch in beginning friday night. it's going to be a crisp fall like weekend with temperatures in the low 60s for highs. overnight lows will be downright chilly in the low 40s. an unemployed north carolina woman hopes balloons will left her into a better opportunity. desperate for work, she's taken an unorthodox approach into getting her resume into people's hands. standing in the rain with a
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handful of balloons may not sound like job hunting to you but after looking for work she was ready to try anything. >> desperate times call for desperate measures. >> reporter: she placed her resume inside helium filled balloons to release them. >> i have just as much chance as one of these balloons randomly reaching somebody. >> reporter: she says she sends out 100 resumes a week. show says she hasn't earned a single interview. >> i'm confident any position i'm offered, i can make it happen. >> reporter: she says she knows the balloon idea is a long shot but hopes it will bring her attention. >> i hope people can identify
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with what i'm going through. >> reporter: the resume filled balloons may not find their target, but she said either way, she remains confident in herself. >> i'm waiting and i believe it's going to come. >> she said she has already received some emails from people. an early christmas gift for job serk -- seekers. macy's needs to stock call centers. they said in some cases they could lead to permanent jobs. a new study reveals what could be making you sick at the hospital. those privacy curtains and rooms are full of germs. what doctors and nurses are being urged to do to keep the germs from spreading.
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new moms encouraged to breast feed. what doctors are doing to make sure they stick with it.
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li s m ba llral,was id unl m ba llral,was vet.veou
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in tonight's health alert. privacy curtains are apparently full of germs. researchers swabbed 40 curtains. all of them were contaminated with bacteria including mrsa. some were contaminated with the same germs over and over again. they said doctors and nurses should wash their hands and patients should not be afraid to
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speak up if they notice the doctor did not wash their hands. breast feeding price the best source of nutrients. most moms say they want to breast feed but they may give up nursing in favor of formula if breast feeding isn't going well right away. it's recommended babies be breast fed for the first six months of life. if possible moms should schiz -- continue until they're at least a year old. they help fight off illnesses. we'll be right back.
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